About me
  Rudianto Turnip, M.A (Magister Artium)
born in Rantau Prapat, Indonesia
Nationality: Indonesian
Resident in Germany since 1999
Studies 1992-1996 English Language and Literature at the Institute of Foreign Languages Prayoga in Padang, West Sumatera, Indonesia.

2002-2009 Malay and German Language and Literature as well as Pedagogy at Cologne University (Germany), Magister Artium.
Since 2005 Freelance translator and interpreter for many German Courts, specialized in criminal and family procedure. Since 2010 certified by OLG (Higher Regional Court) Cologne.
Indonesian (native language)
Malay (fluent)
German (fluent)
English  (fluent)
Dutch (basic knowledge)
About Me
Other Indonesian regional languages
Bataknese Second mother tongue (language of my father)
Javanese Third mother tongue (my mother's language)
Minangkabaunese Fluent in speech, hearing and understanding
Rudianto Turnip, M.A.

Certified and Authorized Translator and Interpreter

Professional translation and interpreting service