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What I offer

I provide professional and accurate translations in:


In addition, I offer interpretation services in courts, as well as for government agencies, companies and institutions.

The following services can be expected from me

High level of linguistic and technical quality!

Trust and quality are particularly important for me!

I have contacts with lawyers, engineers, economists and other translators to ensure the correctness and the technical quality of the translations.

Private language course on demand

Shall you want to learn the Malay or Indonesian language, I also offer private language course/training both individually or in group.

I would adjust your time accordingly.

For this purpose I use different and appropriate textbooks and teaching materials.

Please contact me for further information.
Civil and Commercial Law
Judicial and administrative documents
Private correspondence
Tutorials and manuals
Specialized texts of all kinds
Terminology (Voting and tracking of subject-specific terminology)
Meticulous editing
Short-term and on-time delivery
Reliability and punctuality
Rudianto Turnip, M.A.

Certified and Authorized Translator and Interpreter

Professional translation and interpreting service
Certification of translated documents and certificates as well as other services